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A Semi-Automatic Arch Installation Script


USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! This script will at least wipe the selected drive, and try to install ArchLinux onto it. Make sure you have backups of anything important on the Machine you run this on. It is intended to be run on an empty box. I am not resposible for any potential damage caused by using this script!

This script is mainly created for my own usage, so it will setup things the way I like it, and may change at any time without further notice. Make sure to understand what it does before using it. There are only minimal failsafe and error handling measures in place, so things might (and probably will) go horribly wrong at some point.


This script will install a basic ArchLinux system on (by default encrypted) BTRFS. It will prepare snapper for snapshots and grub to include them. Also some default programms will be installed. Some things can be controlled with commandline parameters, see the script (and potentially the -? flag) for details.