A Minimal LoRa Sensor Node using an Atmel ATTiny84 and a HopeRF RFM95W LoRa Module (Versions 1 and 2) https://www.attno.de/
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ATTiny Sensor Node (ATTNode)


A Minimalistic Sensor Node for use on TheThingsNetwork with the following Features:

  • Small Size, only 47x36mm (v1) / 34x26mm (v2)
  • Based on widely available Atmel ATTiny84 MCU and RFM95W LoRa-module
  • 6 free GPIO-Pins from the ATTiny + Power to connect sensors on a 2.54mm pitch header
  • Optional on-board LED for status signaling
  • Powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery
  • Long battery runtime using the ATTinys deep sleep mode
  • Integrated 6-Pin programming header
  • Small component count
  • Possibility for edge-mount SMA connector or u.fl SMD connector (v2)

You can get all up to date information as well as assembly and pogramming hints at https://www.attno.de/

Subdirectories In this Repository

  • Case: A 3D-Printable Case, OpenSCAD and STL Files
  • Firmware: Example Firmware for a BME280/SHT21 Climate Sensor, PlatformIO project
  • PCB_SMD: PCB for SMD components, KiCAD project

Thanks & Acknowledgements: